Sunday, January 8, 2012

Colorful lies

It has been surprising recently to see how vindictive people can be.  One would think that if 2 people are divorced that communication would be only about those things that are needed (i.e., finances, child(ren)).  I have a dear friend that is going through this struggle and it is unfortunate to see.  It is difficult to see someone so special, kind and caring go through such negativity.  Now their are colorful lies coming up. I wish people could be cordial even given the struggle.  This accusatory person claims to be faithfully religious, yet feeds on strife and conflict.  Good luck John!

This photo was taken in Las Vegas, in front of the Wynn Hotel and Casino.  Colorful Butterflies.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Aged and wise

I know that I have discounted the value of age.  I feel young and vibrant and did not think that oldeness was good for anything.  I think I am transitioning from new to old mentally.  Now my children would consider me "old", but all of this really is a state of mind.  My mind is catching up with my body (in a good, healthy, meaningful way). 

Recently, I have used things from my past that have helped me deal with hurdles that I have encountered.  I need to continue to reference those experiences for my mental, spiritual, daily health.

Picture was taken of a wood sculpture (Aged) in front of the Nelson-Atkin Museum.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I think of myself as reasonably only depends on the subject....I am very perceptive though.  All of these things combined helps me get through the things that are "chucked" my way.  I need to stop feeling so responsible for everything that is happening, let those menial things fizzle away and focus my energies on those  more significant needs.  Extremely difficult to separate the 2 and to let those insignificant things go unattended.  I need to be more strong, solid, unyielding.

I have been told multiple times that I am too nice and accommodating.....being walked on by many.  I inherited that attribute from a man I know well (he would give you the shirt off his back).  I need to find a balance that benefits all.

This picture is of a metal sculpture outside the Nelson-Atkins Museum.
I have been enjoying the chance to take some pictures recently.  This one was taking in front of the Nelson-Atkin Museum. 

Sometime I feel that I am required by others, society and crawl through a needle eye in order to survive.  I need to stop the madness, take control and be me.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Criss Cross & Shadows

This picture depicts 2 solid structures and the inter-connection they hold together.  The path of life that is trod between them.  The (sometimes) unpleasant briars that may stangle them.....light dims, shades and brightens.  Through it all.....these structures stay firmly in place ever inseparable.  

Recently I have been reading others' blogs, catching up on old friends and aquaintences and reminiscing.  I am thankful to have had this time to reflect and do some inner-cleansing.  Going back to work was difficult, but I have made a decision to stay as positive as possible in every situation and interaction that I have.  Yesterday I had a student (Don) stop by and check in for the new semester.  He expressed his gratitude for the help my office had given him.  It gave him hope to continue on.  Kind of is nice to hear things like that occasionally.

Good to see things on the brighter side!

New blog, playing catch up....

I have been keeping an "unofficial" photo blog for almost 2 years now.  Thought I would start transferring those many entries to an "official" blog.  This way my thoughts can be shared with a broader audience.