Thursday, January 5, 2012


I think of myself as reasonably only depends on the subject....I am very perceptive though.  All of these things combined helps me get through the things that are "chucked" my way.  I need to stop feeling so responsible for everything that is happening, let those menial things fizzle away and focus my energies on those  more significant needs.  Extremely difficult to separate the 2 and to let those insignificant things go unattended.  I need to be more strong, solid, unyielding.

I have been told multiple times that I am too nice and accommodating.....being walked on by many.  I inherited that attribute from a man I know well (he would give you the shirt off his back).  I need to find a balance that benefits all.

This picture is of a metal sculpture outside the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

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