Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hateful People

Hateful People

Number 9
It really is disappointing that when a person expresses their soul and heart in words, that some small minded, hateful people....belittle, mock and take light of an individuals experience. The purpose of this blog is to analyze my feelings, sort out my thoughts, and to help others understand what my experience is like.
It is unfortunate that some take this type of expression as threatening, misinformation and unneeded exposure. I would challenge those individuals to express themselves honestly and analyze their own lives. Are they truly happy? Are they creating or eliminating turmoil? Are they drama makers, or solution driven?

I am attempting to find solutions in my individual life and navigate my way through this part of my life unscripted. Each of us experience, joy, happiness, loss and tragedy. I would encourage all to focus on joy and happiness.....not making theirpurpose in life to create loss and tragedy. I fully realize that in my life I have contributed to others' loss and tragedy....Rachel being the prime candidate. I do care for her, I appreciate the positive influence she has had in my life.

Now for those of you that are wondering, Rachel is not the person that I am referring to in this blog, she is not that hateful and small minded. She is finding her way and embarking on her own journey to joy and happiness.

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