Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Here is what I believe a relationship is built on.  Trust...Communication...Love....Patience.  When you have lost or do not have these qualities in your relationship, the relationship will have difficulty.

We all come into relationships with different characteristics, values, practices, views and baggage.  When each party is honest and open about who they are and what needs they may possess, the relationship can grow bit by bit as experiences are shared. 

I am at a point in my life and relationship where my partner knows EVERYTHING.  I do not think there is a page unturned.  What was so hard in my prior relationship was that the system I was a part of would not accept me for who I am.  It would only try to cure me from my "perceived illness".  I do not think I could have obtained the same acceptance then that I have own insecurities did not allow me to. 

It truly is powerful when one has the ability to share and be open without the danger of being judged, scolded, or put on the defense.  I see that this has happened in others' lives too.  It is disappointing to witness the scolding and childish acts of others.  Maybe that is why people cannot open up....there is all kinds of fear attached to that, making one vulnerable!  I guess I did feel some of that in my experience. 

John and I have very different backgrounds and come from varied belief systems.  I think that we each need to demonstrate patience and understanding with each other to begin to mesh other things that we do have in common to build a strong foundation for our relationship.  That is happening and I am gratified for that.  We remind each other when we are experiencing some difficulty....that we are in this for the long haul.  It is good to trust and communicate those things to each other. 

This is not meant to diminish anything I had before, I am using the experiences that I have gleaned to become a better partner and companion.  Every transition is hard, but I am happy that I have John next to me to help me on this new path.  We have trust, we know each others' story completely and accept that, we have unconditional love, and patiently help each other navigate through life. 

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