Thursday, June 7, 2012

Starting things

So last night I finally completed the first step in what I want to do with the rest of my life.....I created a website for gay fathers!!!  Here is why I am doing this:

Initial Phase......

Share stories of other gay men whether they choose to stay in the situations that they are in, or do something different
Show the progress that can be made with individual people
Provide online and some personal resources for men that are struggling
Become an advocate for men in these situations

Long term goals.......

Be financially supported by grant projects, health advocacy groups and philanthropic organizations
Be in a place to help men in need financially
Be able to connect men immediately with local groups and organizations that will assist in their lives
Advocate to change laws to be fair and reasonable with divorce, custody and alimony for all parties involved
Advocate for change to federal and state laws that are discriminatory against the GLBT population
Have a speakers bureau of individuals that are wanting to tell their story, to show that we are not so uncommon
Have legal counsel that can assist in cases where parties are clearly being discriminated against

So after I created this website and posted it on Facebook, I received multiple messages from individuals that were VERY encouraging.  I reflected on the many men that I have met and hear their stories.....I began to cry.  There are thousands out there floundering, not knowing where to turn.  They are seen as the instigator of pain, the pariah, the mentally challenged, the confused one, the evil one, the sinful one......there are guilt, shame, pain, anguish, hatred, loneliness, worthlessness, heartache associated with all of these labels.  These men need a place to turn.  I want to create that place.  I have to create that place.  I am driven to create that place. 

The other day I was extremely distraught from hearing a man's story of not being able to see his children over the summer.  He was scheduled to have his children for much of the summer and days before they were to visit, his Ex filed an injunction to the court indicating that he was harming his children because of his "gay lifestyle".  The childrens' court advocate did the same.  Now he cannot see his children.  He has no legal help, no money, and is in a hopeless place.  People like this need an organization behind them to so "STOP THE MADNESS"! 

I cannot and will not go to court and indicate that my childrens' mother is harming my children because of her "hetero lifestyle".  That sounds ludicrous....right!  Well of course it does.  This man still loves his children, treats them right, and just wants time with them.  Now he can't. 

I hear of stories like this ALL the time.  I need to be the one to affect change.  That is what this blog is about anyway.  Here it goes.......

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  1. Congrats on your decision and good luck! There's a lot of satisfaction watching guys come out of their shell and be themselves for the first time in their lives and everything else in between!