Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Someone mentioned to me a while ago about my situation and how people were expressing that they were "Team Rachel" or "Team Chris".  I have taken some time to ponder that immediate divisiveness.  Here is my take......(and I will not even go down the route of the RIDICULOUS, JUVENILE, DEMORALIZING series of Twilight)

Instead, I am taken back to grade school, when choosing teams.  No one would really think that that ONE action of choice could have such a profound impact on an individual.  To set the stage, I will reenact a scenario: 

13 children....2 of the more sporty, popular kids are by default the "team captains" and get to choose their teams from the remaining 11 kids.  One by one the teams are chosen

  1. the friends of the captains are chosen first regardless of performance
  2. the mediocre kids go next, usually based on performance
  3. last to go are the kids who are "perceived" as the under-performers, under-achievers, less popular

The last group just wants to be included.  They want to play.  They hope that they can find connections with the other kids by staying involved.  They want to be noticed and felt like they are part of the group. 

At one point or another each of us fall into the few that were chosen last.  Recall how it felt?  What was going through your mind?  Where there other chosen even after you?  How do you think they felt?  How is it that you are immediately able to recall this situation?  Think of the impact it had on you?  Are you mimicking a behavior that is undesirable for future generations?

Now having gone through that self-reflection.  What are you doing today to either continue this hurtful cycle.....or are you on the other side, trying to include people when you can and when appropriate?  Are there things in your experience that you need to modify so that "TEAMS" are not chosen, compared, and judged?  If so, change them!

I hope the offending parties read this.  I hope they realize how childish and degrading this practice really is.  I keep hoping.........

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