Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just keep swimming.....just keep swimming

I don't think Kathi realized that when she left this comment on my last post yesterday.....this quote from "Nemo" is something I say in my head ALL the time.  When I know I need to just plod on, with zero motivation, I quote Dori from Nemo.  Dori keeps me going!  Thanks Kathi!

There have been days when I had thoughts that I could not carry on.....all I could do was place the next foot in front of the other and slowly move in the direction that I thought was suitable.  I do not experience those type of days as frequent as I used to.  A couple of days ago I was reminded of those situations.  When I would observe thoughtless people making derogatory remarks about individuals that are different from them.  These type of people congregate in packs.  2 or more people......drinks in hand.....they stare.....say a hateful comment....then everyone laughs.

I am sure you can recreate the scenario in your head.

So the other day, I saw this go on.  3 men, obviously macho, hetero, same age as me were standing outside an eating establishment.  2 women, holding hands, pierced, tattooed, and mohawks passed by then.  The men's eye-brows went up, they gawked, stared, did double takes, and watched them walk by.  As soon as the 2 women passed, mostly out of of the men made a very hateful comment about the women and the other 2 men broke out in laughter.  I watched this from a short distance away.....approached the men, told them off.  I know it was risky.....I know that it probably was not my place....ignorance and small mindedness like this infuriate me.

What is the purpose of this type of behavior?  Is it to compenstate for insecurities?  Is it to deflect awkward feelings?  Is it because others are able to express honest feelings and individuality, and those that mock cannot do that?  Is it lack of understanding and exposure to differences?  Is it because they are down right hateful?

I for one will continue to advocate for change, understanding, inclusiveness and compassion.  I will just keep swimming......UPSTREAM!  Thank you Kathi for this gentle reminder.

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