Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Out of pocket

How is it going?

I realize that I have been neglecting my blog for a bit.....but every transition requires extra time and focus.  I do know that I need to get back into the habit of writing.  I need my therapy since most of those people, places and things that helped me cope I left in KC.

My new coping mechanisms are??????? I really have not found anything yet.  Settling into my new job is overwhelming.  Finding a place to live....overwhelming.  Only being able to skype with my children.....sad....but exciting every time I do it!  Planning for Paisley's graduation from a distance....hard.  Living in a hotel with a microwave and frig....gross.  Living without a paycheck for a month......UGH!

I have met some very nice people so far.  Valencia College is a wonderful place to be.  Very similar to JCCC.  Great school, great students, good people that I associate with....with a culture and ego that go with being the best in the business!  That "ego" can be good and bad.....good to be so certain of what you are doing and how you are operating.....bad because at times you cannot see how improvement can help.  I am not saying I have experienced that, but know it will happen.  It happens in most organizations I have been in....I am not being critical, just realistic.

It is nice starting at a place where I do not know anyone.  I do not have certain self-imposed expectations that go with familiarity.  This one thing will be a HUGE benefit in this new position!  That is what is most invigorating about coming here.....starting with a clean slate.  To be honest that was probably one of my largest barriers at JCCC, was familiarity with so many of the people.  One of the difficulties that I am currently experiencing is trying to get to know people.......everything is a delicate balance.

Found a place to live.  It is a little further from the campus that I will work, but it is exactly the type of residence  I was looking for:  quiet community, close to the turnpike, central to all the campuses I have to visit, place comfortable for our children.  Finding that was a HUGE weight off my shoulders, now I just have to work through the logistics and pay the lump sum for deposit and rent....UGH.

I have been very honest with those that inquire about my family situation.  Funny to see the different responses to my situation.  These responses range from shock, surprise, encouragement, tolerance, acceptance, abhorrence.....these reactions help me "categorize"people, or place them on my social continuum.

This change has been hard, but worth it so far.....guess that is what this blog is about.....CHANGE!

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