Friday, June 8, 2012

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Isaac's birthday was yesterday.  I sent him a card and called him.  All he wants is a pocket knife.....funny boy.  I love him!!  :)  I fly home today to see him and the other children for the weekend.

This is a BIG week for Isaac.  Birthday, starts cub scouts, and he gets baptized as a member of the LDS church. 

Prior to my exit from the church and my heinous life....I would be the person baptizing Isaac.  I cannot perform this ordinance because I an not a member of the church, priesthood rights and power are gone, and all because I am his gay dad.  So my father is traveling from Idaho to perform the baptism.  For this I am grateful.  I am glad that Isaac has this opportunity to become part of the organization that he was born into.  I know it is important for each of my children to take this step, then to formulate their own beliefs and practices as they grow and learn. 

I know within the Mormon faith (I am generalizing) that there is this undercurrent of expectations.  Parents get married in the temple, have children, live faithful, conduct all doings according to church policy and doctrine, raise your children to repeat everything that you have done, go on a mission with your spouse, die, celestial kingdom.

In my script, I have deviated from it.  I am not the one baptizing my son (which I am OK with).  I do not sustain the principles of the church because it is an exclusive organization.  I appreciate the formal need for my son to be baptized.  I hope that through his life he can learn to be more inclusive than the organization that he is joining.  That does not require that he would have to leave the organization but to have an acceptance of diversity and differences. 

I do have wonderful children, that are independent, stubborn, opinionated, loving, compassionate individuals.  Isaac has these qualities.  I love him, and hope he has a great weekend!

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