Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free Agency

Number 24

Free Agency......something I have been thinking about for years.  I have spoken to a few people about my thoughts, people that would not jump down my throat the minute I started articulating my view on this "LDS related topic".  Here it goes......

According to LDS doctrine, practice and lore.......the individual is free to choice liberty and eternal life according to God's plan.....or to choose captivity and death which is Satan's plan.  Adam and Eve "falling out of God's presence" when in the garden, made it possible for each individual to have the ability to choose.  Now the LDS faith has defined (through scripture and prophets) those "liberty-like" choices that people are to make in order to return to God's presence.  The principles to choose are set for for all to adhere to.  If the individual does not adhere to those specific principles, there are consequences, worldly and/or heavenly.

Now the tough question.......Does the existence of the principles themselves create a structure that freedom of choice is not really an option?  Only following and adhering to said principles are acceptable.....which in essence takes away freedom of choice, freedom of thought, and only promotes compulsion.

I am not trying to paint the church's practice in a bad light.....I am truly trying to understand this doctrine, even as it pertains to someone outside the church.


Here is a talk with E. Christofferson about Moral Agency that  friend directed me to:

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