Saturday, April 21, 2012

I think it is helping

Number 27

I have had numerous people come to me, call me, message me, email me regarding my blog.....they have all had very positive things to say about one post or another.  Here are a few of the comments:

Your blog helps me understand my brother, who is gay.....this is a start....thank you.

Have you thought of writing a book to help other LDS individuals that are in your situation?

My cousin committed suicide because he was gay.....I wish I could have been there for him....your blog helps me understand more or what he was experiencing.

You are brave.

Thank you for enlightening me on your situation.....I would have never of understood your situation living so far removed from you.

Thank you for your honesty, many people can't be that honest.

My husband was going through the same thing and I totally treated him like crap.  I never reached out to understand all that he was going through, I permanently lost that relationship.

I wish I would have been more compassionate to my daughter....thought tough love would solve the problem, it just made it worse.

I never knew all of those things that happened in high school, I was blind.  I wish I could have helped back then. 

I am gratified that it seems I am helping a few people.  I wish there was a more broad audience that I could impact.  I think eventually there will be a venue that will fit my delivery style and day.  Each one of these comments bring such emotion for me.  I sit here in a recessed corner of a coffee shop hoping that the strangers sitting next to me do not sense the overwhelming sense of emotion that I feel.  They would not understand unless I could explain why.

I am continuing to write.  I do have ideas of broadening the scope of what I do....there is so much change going on in my life right now that I will need to take a hiatis from those plans for a bit. 

I want to express to the reader that I do apprecitate your kindness, thoughtfulness, and honesty also.  This certainly is theraputic for me, I hope it helps you in the grand scheme of things too.  I *heart* you.

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