Saturday, April 28, 2012

Heart strings

So I have been getting everything ironed out for Paisley to go to prom tonight.  I probably get overly involved and drive her nuts.  If you follow me on facebook, you know that we went dress shopping, shoe shopping and logistic planning for tonight.  Her next event is graduation and I am cooking as much as I can to prepare for the event before I leave next week.

After taking the obligatory photos with everyone (almost a group of 20 kids), they were spirited away in a Hummer Limo.  She sent me a text saying, "Thank you daddy!"

I do not hear those words very often, and today it hit me hard!  I love my little girl!  I cannot believe that she has grown into a marvelous young lady.  She has some rough edges about her, but those she inherited.  She has stubborn parents....she got 2 doses.  She is delightful to be around.  She is learning her way in decisions and choices that she is making right now.  I am proud to be called her daddy!

Thank you for 18 wonderful years, Paisley.  Rachel and I thought she would be the death of us in her first few years of existence.  Paisley did not want to do anything the easy way, did not conform to the ordinary, and plowed her own way through these years.  I am happy to say, I like what I see.  She will make it.  She just needs us as expert advisers, occasionally.

I am sure this experience will happen again and again......just needed to record this one!

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